Jesus Knocking at the door

What if Jesus knock at your door?

If Jesus came to visit would you have to change your clothes before you let Him in? Or hide some magazines, and put the Bibles where they'd been?

"If Jesus came to visit you”

Would you have to change your clothes before you let Him in? Or hide some magazines, and put the Bibles where they'd been? Would you hide your worldly music and put some hymn books out? Could you let Jesus walk right in, or would you rush about? And I wonder if the Savior spent a day or two with you, would you go right on doing, the things you always do?

Would you go right on saying, the things you always say? Or would life for you continue as it does from day to day? Would you take Jesus with you everywhere you go?

Or would you maybe change your plans for just a day or so? Would you be glad to have Him meet your closest friends? Would you hope friends stay away until Jesus' visit ends? Would you be glad to have Him stay forever on and on? Or would you sigh with great relief when He at last was gone? It might be interesting to know, the things that you would do, If Jesus came in person, to spend some time with you. "Salvation is found in no one else except Jesus." Acts 4: 12.

If you feel guilty for the things you have done wrong, or feel a yearning to regain missed opportunities, to know God, or just desire to escape the chaos of a world falling apart, then these pages are for you. Soul Survivals make sense of life's chaos by telling you what God is doing, what will happen in the future, if we turn from our wicked ways and how one can cooperate with the inevitable and have you Soul Survive for all eternity. The most interesting and informative place to start is by studying Basic Instructions before leaving Earth. That is the B-I-B-L-E! It depicts an overall view of the world events during the seven year period from the signing of a peace treaty with Israel to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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Know that with God, all things are possible! Faith is that which assures you of that which you hoped for and guarantee the certainity of results. Therefore being certain of knowledge, not yet seen but that you know is to be you move on. Hebrews 11:1. The Gospel according to Peggy Sue says; "Faith is belief with feet!" You must be like Abraham of the Old testament and act on God's inner voice to you, and by doing so, you assure your obedience and "Just Do It!".

If you have ever asked these questions, then my new group is for you.

  • How do we know what books belong in the Bible?
  • Do all religions lead to God?
  • So many churches—what is the big difference?
  • Why does everyone seem to interpret the Bible differently?
  • The doctrine of the Trinity-can someone please explain this to me?
  • Is the DaVinci code fiction or reality?
  • Why should I study theology?
  • So many versions of the Bible... Which one do I use?
  • What about those who have never heard about Christ, can they still make it to heaven?
  • Why does God allow bad things to happen? What is the difference between Protestants, Muslims, Latter Day Saints, New age; ie, Unity, etc and Roman Catholics?
  • Can we be sure that Christ rose from the grave?

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Satan is working around the clock to deceive you. While the love of God is like the ocean, you can see its beginning, but not its end. Let us start the discussions. The depth of our knowledge is, well of deepness. So dig some up. Share it by. Answering a few questions with real people. No matter who you are, you've got the real-life experience, insight or some scholarly nugget that will make someone's day.

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